About Jeevandan

The Government has cleared a new comprehensive scheme "Jeevandan" proposed by the Cadaver Transplantation Advisory Committee (CTAC) to give a fillip to organ transplantation.

The Appropriate Authority for Cadaver Transplantation (AACT) is the legal entity authorized with the statutory powers under the APTHOA 1995. It will act as the Appropriate Authority under the section 13 of the APTHOA 1995. It was housed in Dr.NTR University of Health Sciences A.P., Vijayawada.

Jeevandan AP addresses the issues related to declaration of braindeath, infrastructure, coordination and public awareness.

A large number of patients suffering from irreversible organ ailments involving heart, liver, pancreas and kidney could lead a healthy life if they had the opportunity to undergo transplant surgery.

Considering the ethical issues surrounding live and deceased donor organ donation, the government-constituted committee came out with recommendations for streamlining procedures for cadaver transplantation in registered hospitals